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Fattoria la Magia


The name of our estate, an ancient property situated on an old paved Roman road dating back to the Etruscan era, is La Màgia with the accent on the first ‘a’, although the similarity with the Italian word for magic (‘la magìa’) does cause a certain amount of confusion. Not that we are complaining!

Actually the name is just as likely to be a derivation of ‘magione’ a Tuscan rendition of the French ‘maison’, since the building was originally a resting place for wayfarers and pilgrims.

Indeed anyone looking down the valley towards the noble abbey of Sant’Antimo, directly below our vineyard, is bound to experience the sheer magic of this hallowed place.

No wonder the Schwarz family were so overwhelmed by the location 40 years ago that they decided to change their lifestyle and put down roots here.